Understated. Oversized.

In between season change where it's not quite cold yet but not quite hot either, I optedfor simplicity. And an oversized jersey screams simplicity and comfort like no other. I paired it with some shiny wet look tights embedded with diamantes on the right leg sleeve and with a matching pair of ankle boots. I finished off my look with a dangling necklace just to spice up my casual a little and of course, I never go anywhere without a good pair of sunnies. Cat eye was my sunny look for the day. And in the spirit of my chilled out look I went against my usual instincts of a big handbag and settled on a small but equally cool sling. I was ready for the day!

Sunglasses: Prada - Jersey: Cotton On - Tights: Rene Mariane - Ankle Boots: Aldo - Bag: Guess

"Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds."            — Coco Chanel