The Story of Gavriel

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well then a video must be worth a whole lot more. 

I, myself, am finding that I am stumped for words after watching our video. I had a whole long blog post planned and a whole lot of topics to cover but I feel the video speaks more than I ever could.

I will however attempt to put my feelings into words and on another day I will probably do another diary post going more into detail about motherhood in all it's challenges and all it's beauty. 

But for now I want to start off by saying that your mindset at your birth is everything

I have always been a firm believer in natural births, except for emergencies of course. 

But during my first pregnancy through a lot of research and birthing professionals that I met along the way and extensive antenatal classes it is something I became very passionate about and still feel that way, even more so now, and I would like in some way to inspire women to trust themselves and their bodies that it is something they can do. It's what our bodies have been made to do and it's glorious and it's beautiful.

I feel that society puts a lot of fear into women, birth is seen as a big medical procedure where so many things can go wrong and a c-section is seen as both the safer and easier option.

I disagree with all of those things. While, yes at times intervention is needed and emergencies can happen, this is the exception and not the rule and healthy women with healthy pregnancies are not at risk of horrific complications.

So back to your mind set being the most important thing....

I have now had two natural births free of any pain medication (yes there were times during the labour that I wanted the drugs! But you end up managing without them as women have done for centuries). And both births were completely different to one another. 

My first was extremely difficult. It was 19 minutes short of 12 hours with the transition phase being way longer than it should have been and it was something I never wanted to do again. And fortunately I didn't have to. My second labour was 6 hours on the dot. And (look labour is still labour, it's not a walk in the park) but a breeze compared to the first one.

My situation was different. I had a loving and supportive partner this time round. Even though I had convinced myself the first time it didn't matter whether I had a partner or not, and that I could do it all on my own and I did, but it was hard. Very hard. 

And although I had my mom and my friend with me when my beautiful Tesla was born, It was only this second time I realized what a difference it makes to have the person you love there with you, believing in you and holding your hand through it all literally and figuratively.

So thank you, my Stelios, for being everything I needed in those few hours. You were incredible and so is our baby boy.

The only thing that isn't different and can never be different, regardless of the birth you have or the situation you're in, is the moment you get to hold your baby, and the moment all the love just rushes at you and in you like a huge wave. Absolutely nothing in the world compares to that. The love you have for your child is the most beautiful and pure thing Mother Nature has ever created. 

It seems a common fear amongst mommies, the wondering of how they will ever be able to love another baby as much as they love their first, because you can't imagine loving anything as much as your first baby. But you do, you soooo do. Your heart literally expands, and you just have so much love to give. There will always be enough love to go around no matter the number of children you have. I know that now, I have even more love for Tesla since Gavriel was born, if that's possible. (However, I do think I am done now, as much as my significant other wants a big fat Greek family, two baby boys is more than enough for me). Mama needs some sleep again in her life! Haha 


I had my doubts about doing a birth video, surprisingly it was Stelios that wanted a video (it's usually me with that wants everything photographed but I was worried it would somehow take away from the experience or that I'd be too aware that I'm being filmed and not be able to focus on my labour, but it wasn't like that at all) but when I saw some of Wonderwall's other birth stories I decided to go for it. 

And there's definitely no regrets!!! 

Aliche from Wonderwall who filmed our story came to meet with us before so we could get to know each other, so that you didn't feel like it was a complete stranger coming to film you at a very vulnerable and intimate time. She just flows with happy and beautiful energy and makes you feel very comfortable. Aliche is also a doula and a mom of two herself, so she knows the labour process very well. 

She was very discreet during the labour and you do not feel like the camera is in your face. I barely noticed that the camera was there. 

Aliche has such a talent for capturing the special moments that I really recommend it for everyone, regardless of what kind of birth you're planning on having. You will love your story! 

Aliche has since become a friend and we are planning play dates for our boys! 

She also took a few photos for us and it really is so much better to have someone there doing it for you than for you to take yourself out of the moment and get on your phone or camera to click away. 

I know a lot of people do that especially if maybe the partner is a photographer themselves, and you end up missing out on the experience by having to take your own photos or recording. This way you get to fully immerse yourself in the moment and the experience and just be. And you still get your special memories at the end, that you can look at and play over and over again. 

To have a look at more of Wonderwall's Birth Stories click here .


And of course, last but not least, thank you to my amazing midwife Sr Lindsay van Der Walt from Infinity Babies who has played a big part in my journey, who has been there for both my births and has made sure both my boys were perfect throughout my pregnancies and when they were born. We love you Lindsay!

"I could not get my fill of looking. There should be a song for women to sing at this moment or a prayer to recite. But perhaps there is none because there are no words strong enough to name that moment."
      - Anita Diamant