The Peplum Effect

As I mentioned in the previous post, The Baby Bump Accessory, you decide whether you want to look pregnant or not - at least in the second trimester, third trimester will probably be a little bit more challenging.

If you're having an "I don't want to look pregnant day" here's a great way to hide that bump...

The peplum skirt works very well! Because of the extra piece at the top that sticks out anyway, people would have to really stare to notice the real reason it's sticking out.

A loose-ish jacket also aids the hide-the-bump adventure. And since winter is on it's way, slowly but surely, shiny nude stockings and ankle boots finished off the look.

As you can see there definitely are ways to hide that growing belly of yours, but personally I prefer to show it off - a more showy outfit will follow with the next blog post so stay tuned!

Jacket & T-shirt: Mango - Peplum Skirt: Zara - Necklace & Watch: Thomas Sabo - Socks: Top Shop - Ankle Boots: Aldo

I just thought, 'Oh, I'm going to hide this forever.' But I ended up getting kind of excited to show the bump as a badge of pride. Like, 'I'm a woman! Look at me making a human! I am a GODDESS!'
- Olivia Wilde