The One-Piece

The ever elusive one-piece swimsuit...

One-pieces are my absolute favourite when it comes to swimwear and while I will probably get quite a lot of disagreeing faces with the following statement; I think they are waaayyyy sexier than the bikini.

Maybe it's because it leaves just a little more to the imagination or maybe it's because I'm not a big fan of the triangle tops (not to say there is no place for them) but I find one-piece swimsuits so feminine and so lovely.

True, you'll catch a much better tan in a two-piece but every now and then a one-piece must be worn.
And forgetting about the fashion... It provides more support and us ladies usually feel more confident in one of these than an itsy bitsy bikini.

Swimsuit: Quiksilver - Sunglasses: Quay Australia - Location: Zimbali Resort

"What is acceptable in swimwear is unacceptable in a restaurant." - Roger L. Welsch