The Baby Bump Accessory

The first (of what will be quite a few) pregnancy fashion posts. I want to show you that styling your new growing accessory does NOT have to be difficult!

And it's up to you how much you want to show it off...

The next 3 posts (as well as this one) were taken at 20 weeks of pregnancy. You will notice that depending on what you wear, you can look very pregnant or barely noticeable. It really is up to you (and your clothes of course).

It's no secret that I love dressing up and I love wearing heels; none of that has to stop. Your belly does not need to get in the way of you looking and feeling sexy and fabulous.

I think that many women are of the opinion that you should wear loose clothing either to hide the bump or simply because they feel tight stuff won't look nice. Not true! In my opinion tight is the way to go, I love showing off my baby bump. And you'll find that there is a lot from your pre-pregnancy closet that you can still fit into.

At second trimester I am definitely not fitting into my jeans but I am still happily fitting into my dresses... Have a look....

Dress & Jacket: Rene Mariane - Ankle Boots: Castelo

“It’s important to still feel like yourself, because so much of your life is changing.”
- Blake Lively