Tesla and Lex


Tesla is a little bookworm and loooovvvveeeessss stories (like his mama). He was so excited when we got  Lex in the Forest  that we had to take it with us overseas. 


So naturally we have already read it a number of times, he can’t quite sit through the entire book yet but ‘round about half at a time.  


Little Lex, like my Tesla, is very curious and very adventurous...


He goes on a journey in a forest to discover all sorts of mysterious things, as well as himself.



While my rumbustious almost-three-year-old can’t quite yet grasp all the concepts of the book, Dimitris Chatzilias, the author, does wonderfully with exploring the meaning of freedom.


 I love readings books to my children which can engage me as well and I can’t wait for him to read it when he’s a bit older. It is very inspirational and though-provoking for both young and old minds. 


 “And yet the forest was a mystery to him. No matter how well he knew it’s outer looks, he had never discovered the secrets it kept hidden inside.” - Lex in the Forest

You can purchase your copy of Lex in the Forest here


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