Sporty is the New Black

The fashion meets sport days are well upon us. Oh and I'm so glad they are. I think I can go as far as saying that this has been my favourite trend in fashion.

The sneaker look which has everyone obsessed, well, it just works. With everything. And talking of obsessions, bodysuits are slowly replacing all my actual tops at home.

So getting down to this look... I trended all out. Nikes, check. High-waisted jeans, check, Bodysuit, check. Reversible bomber-jacket, check. Cap, check.

These looks are particularly great for the in-betweener days. The days where the weather is still deciding between hot and cold. If it was a bit warmer this look would have worked great with shorts instead of jeans. high-waisted shorts a bonus.

And of course, jacket on or off. Works both ways.

Cap: New Era from Shesha - Body Suit & High-Waisted Jeans: Top Shop - Bomber Jacket: Diesel - Sneakers: Nike from Total Sports

"We live not according to reason, but according to fashion." - Seneca