My littlest love turns one today. I am so emotional (very unlike me), it’s just crazy how quickly time has flown by and I keep selling up because it feels like just yesterday that I held him for the first time. 

My baby Gavriel is now officially a tot. He has the sweetest, sweetest nature but he can be quite demanding when he needs to be (like his daddy).  

As much as he loves his mommy and there are some days where he wants to spend the whole day in my arms, he also loves being independent and exploring on his own. 

He loves his big brother to absolute bits and the two of them playing their own little games together warms my heart like nothing else. 

He absolutely adores his daddy and is happy to leave my arms to rather be in daddy’s. 

I was planning to do a smash the cake shoot with him for his birthday but I feel maybe those are a bit overdone now and we did something a little different...


His birthday party which we’re having on Sunday is a Winter Wonderland theme and everything will be blue, white and silver. So we stuck with those colors for the shoot.


Mommy had high hopes of Baby G splashing around in his marshmallow milk bath, but... kids always have another plan. He was actually so scared of the bath he screamed blue murder when I tried to put him in. He is very cautious with some things, he is also very scared of a bubble bath  (didn’t think that was possible but it just makes him even more cute). I have hired a snow machine for his birthday and I’m seriously holding thumbs that he won’t be scared of the snow. It will be a serious fail on the theme picking side in my department ha ha. 

But... luckily my hopes for the splashing around in a marshmallow bath didn’t fail completely... 

Big brother to the rescue... 


My wildling is always up for anything, especially if there’s marshmallows.


And that eased Baby G into things, but still chose to have fun on the outside rather. He definitely prefers his straight up normal baths, with nothing out of the ordinary in them. 


Some photos took a lot of bribing... And I’m sure they will be totally embarrassed of this shoot when they are older. 


But that’s my right as a mom, isn’t it? To embarrass them. 


iPhones are useful to get them to sit where you want. 


Biltong works too. (Kids and dogs are very similar)  


And as much craziness as there is, there’s always time for kisses in between. 


My angels that light up my life and turn it upside down. I couldn’t be prouder.  


 “If my son is happy, then I am happy.” - Chris Paul