Nike Fever

Oh for the love of Nikes... I could wear them every day... And lucky for me they go with almost anything, so I practically can wear them every day.

They make any outfit look easy and effortless and you get the comfort, which is not easy to come by when it comes to footwear (well footwear that you actually want to wear).

I went with this high-waisted black bubble skirt from Rene Mariane with a t-shirt sporting an open back... Now for my pet peeve: Clothes that require you not to wear a bra because of the cut, but are usually see-through making not wearing a bra NOT possible (unless you're very adventurous ;)).

So, in those situations what I decide to do instead of trying to hide the bra for e.g. wearing a skin-coloured one and hoping people won't notice it too much or wearing see-through straps which are still quite visible - I make sure the bra stands out. So it looks purposefully on show; which in my personal opinion looks way more awesome than trying to hide it but it's still very obviously there.

Sunglasses: Versace - T-shirt: Woolworths - Bra: La Senza - Skirt: Rene Mariane - Trainers & Secret Socks: Nike

"I love fashion and there is no easier way to express yourself than through the clothes you wear."
- Victoria Justice