Why, us moms, are always tired

We’re exhausted pretty much permanently. And here’s the thing... it’s not always due to lack of sleep. Although, admittedly that’s a big part of it, it’s something else giving us those not-so-Prada bags under our eyes.

Two words. Mental Overload. And I don’t mean over-thinking. Over-thinking is for people who have time to think. Ain’t no moms got time for that. 

What we’re doing is continuously running to-do-lists and check lists through our head on top of making sure that we’re staying on top of these lists and are handling it all.

 Have to go to the grocery store. Have to book the baby’s 12-month check up with the pead. Did I even send that last receipt to the medical aid? Have to calculate the nanny’s overtime. Have to go buy nappies. But I just bought nappies the other day. Shit, those were number 4 for the baby, I need number 5 for the toddler. Hmmmm maybe he can fit into number 4 just until I get to the shops tomorrow. Because I have to go to that shopping centre anyway to buy birthday gifts for the kids birthday parties we’re going to this weekend and they have a Baby Boom there and their Pampers are the cheapest. Oh, we’re out of honey. But I’m at the Spar now and the kids can only have the raw organic honey so I’m going to have to quickly pop past dischem. Oh good I can buy my shampoo there (I’ve been using the kids shampoo because mine ran out and I haven’t had a chance to get more). Come to think of it I have to wash my hair tonight so I can  style it in the morning (cos I don’t have time to both blow dry and ghd my hair in the same sitting, so it can dry over night) I have to look presentable tomorrow, have a meeting. Damn, I need to find my notebook and my fancy pen. Did I charge my laptop? Oh wait, did I do the white washing ? We have moms and tots tomorrow before my meeting and he needs his moms and tots shirt. 

Sound familiar???  

Haha and so it goes on and on. Just a never-ending check list in your mind. And no, I’m not even complaining, it just is the way it is and as I always say those adorable little mini-you’s make everything worth it.  

But I thought I’d share just a tiny little bit of an excerpt of a mom’s brain. Forget pregancy brain, it’s got nothing on us! 

Last night I actually got some sleep. Little Mr. in some sort of sleep regression phase only woke up 3 times to breastfeed and it was heaven. But here I am at 09:30am already exhausted by my checklists.

Because  ...

  I have flu and I’m not allowed to take pretty much anything because of the breastfeeding and I have some work to do. And I need to get some assignments in for my honours. And, and, and mostly I need to kiss those little faces and those little toes because I love them so damn much and hug them and remember to be in the moment. And also I have to make them dinner. Did I take the meat out of the freezer? 

I’m assuming all you moms are doing this right ? Not just me?  

And when there’s a birthday looming, oh that’s just a whole other ball game!  

 Pick a cake. Order a cake. Can’t have eggs because mini Stelios has an egg intolerance. Ice cream cake it is. Pick a theme. Winter Wonderland. No, not Frozen, WINTER WONDERLAND. I don’t want Elsa, he’s a boy! Hire a jumping castle. Hmmm... a white jumping castle would fit the theme. Email every single place in Gauteng who hires jumping castles, someone’s bound to have it. Wishful thinking! Nope nobody has one. Should I just get a normal one? But nooooo everything is blue and white and silver a multicoloured jumping castle would ruin it! Why don’t I ever pick an easy theme! With deco and bits and pieces and colours easy to source! Why??? Oooh crap, I haven’t made the “party packs”. Can’t buy them because all I see everywhere is freaking FROZEN and that’s not my theme! Going to have to make some snowmen! Do I put the 10 year olds at the adults or the kids table. I haven’t ordered balloons yet. Back to Westpack for the 5th time this week. 

And in between all this - runny noses my own included, medicine, naps, laughter, tears and and some tantrums here and there because you know, kids.  

But besides the pre-party rush and stress and the endless to-do’s. It’s my favourite thing in the world. Seriously, I love having to organise their parties more than anything in the world it literally fulfils me. That maybe some sounds sad to some people, but it’s the best part of my year.

I must admit all special occasions just have a whole new meaning with kids. They ACTUALLY mean something to me now. It’s like you’re doing it all for them and it’s so worth it. Hard, stressful, crazy, messy but worth it just to see smiles on those still a little bit toothless faces.  

So yes, mental overload from being a mom i.e. a cook, a house keeper, a wife, an event coordinator, a party planner, a laundromat, a storyteller, a professional multitasker, a hot mess, a personal assistant (cos slave is a bit harsh of a word), comes with the territory.

These are the days we’ll miss they say. The days when you are pretty much solely responsible for fulfilling every single need of these tiny little beings that want every second of your attention. So while they’re both gripping onto my legs while I’m having my morning pee I try to remember among the madness and the chaos and the neverending lists, that these are moments cherish as well. 

I need to remember about my mom-esolutions I wrote previously. Be in the moment MORE! Put the to-do-lists and the check-lists aside even for just 30mins. And just be. Breathe. Hug those little monsters too tight and kiss them until they tell you to stop or they’re wriggling away from you. 

And to all you other mommies out there. I just want you to know I think you are all so bad-ass!  And a round of applause to all of you for coping like a boss! *insert emoji with the sunglasses* 

 “Being a mom has made me so tired. And so happy.” - Tina Fey