My BA Degree in Psychology has come to an end. I graduated Cum Laude last night. I am pretty chuffed with it, I've been at it for 4 years now as I took a one year gap in between second and third year. 

Last year, particularly the second half, was really tough, I had a new born and was going through a divorce and studying for exams and doing assignments was kind of the last thing I felt like doing. But I somehow managed to push through and still get my cum laude with the help of my parents who would help me look after my son while I was doing assignments, and would look after him when I would go to write my exams. 

I have always had a particular interest in the field of psychology which has only continued to grow throughout my studies. Amongst changing my mind a few times during my studies and wanting to become a forensic psychologist at one point, my current plan is to become a clinical psychologist. I still have a long road ahead of me. 

The degree is just the first part. You need to have a Masters degree to qualify as a psychologist, along with a minimum of a one year internship and attending therapy yourself. The Masters program is particularly hard to get into within this field but I plan to pursue it anyway. 

The next thing I will be tackling is Honours. I unfortunately had to take another year gap due to certain circumstances and not registering on time for the Honours program last year. So it will have to wait until next year, but I will attempt to finish it in one year as opposed to the recommended two years for Honours. 

So here's to a few more years of studying my way...