Dress The Part

A dress for every occasion all from one store and all right from your laptop while you sit in your pyjamas and browse through the fabulousness because they'll get delivered straight to your door!!!

Here are my top picks from Superbalist's super stylish dresses. It was SO hard picking just one for each affair but here goes...

Occasion / Wedding

Wedding's are always a difficult one. You don't want to over power the bride, you don't want to risk going too casual with a dress and feeling underdressed, you don't want to wear something too short and look like you're going clubbing, you don't want to wear something too long and look like a bridesmaid, you're tired of always wearing black to a wedding and you can't wear white... ahhhh so many things to put into consideration. Well not necessary... I've done the work for you. Here's the Sequin V-neck Midi Dress that you'll be wearing to your next wedding occasion. It checks all the boxes and you'll definitely find reason to wear it again. Cha-ching! You've hit the jackpot.


This skin-tight, fitted Long Sleeved Textured Bodycon Dress is the perfect dress for the workplace. In fact, I want to work a 9 to 5 just so I can wear this dress. Black's always a great colour but even more so in the corporate world. It's determined, it's powerful, it's assertive and it's sexy as hell.


I think I died and went to heaven with this Mesh Waist Velvet t-Shirt Dress. This dress is so me. I love out-of-the-ordinary pieces, ones where at first glance your reaction might be "Is she actually wearing that?" and on second look you're like "OMG. I love it. Where can I get it?" Yes, yes and yes a million times over to this dress.

Day Adventure

Casual, sleek, chic all rolled into one with this Finch Dress. If that's not a brilliant wardrobe investment then I don't know what is. Oh and the blue.. It just adds that extra little je ne sais quoi. Hearts in my eyes over this dress!

Every Day

Life doesn't get better than this Tee Dress, no really, it doesn't. Whoever invented tee dresses is my hero and I shall be forever in their debt. It just doesn't get easier or more comfortable than a t-shirt dress and despite the initial image in your mind of a what a t-shirt dress may look like, it's actually super chic and super fashionable as you can see for yourself.

So since online shopping is the future, and it's also the present, actually it's EVERYTHING. Head on over to Superbalist right now and shop all their amazing dresses right here from your couch.

I know that's how I'll be spending my day.

"Online shopping... because it's frowned upon to be in a store with no bra, dirty hair and a glass of wine."