Cool Kid on the Block

So I was going to wait until he could stand without support and walk on his own before I did a kiddies fashion blog post featuring my son Tesla, but who could wait when he looks this adorable and might I add super cool.

I have been impatiently counting down the days 'til he could wear shades and finally the day has come. Well, apparently these are for 2 year olds but since I have a decent sized 7-month old, these ones did actually fit, maybe not perfectly but they'll do for now.

Nothing cuter than kiddies sunglasses in my opinion, ok well maybe their shoes too.

I think he got it right on both accounts with this outfit.

Scarf & Harem Pants: Brave and Kind - Tee: Woolworths - Sneakers: Nike from Sneakers Edition - Sunglasses: Ray Ban from The Sunglass Hut

My sunglasses are like my guitar. - Patti Smith