Casual Suit Jacket

As Mondays usually go, you have lots to do but are still missing the weekend, especially when it was a long one - dressing to kill might not be at the top of your list. I was in a bit of a rush to get out this morning so I put on a pair of denims, a comfy printed t-shirt and a messy hair-do which took about 3 minutes. To finish off the look and make it seem as if I put more than a mere few minutes effort into it I added one of my favourites - my black button-less casual suit jacket. It's comfy, easy to wear and kinda goes with everything. I put on my spikey flats (these have really given <em>oomph</em> to many many outfits before) spikes are my most-loved fashion trend at the moment, hence the blue spikey earrings as well. And lastly my heavy neck-piece which just gave my outfit that slightly rocker chick look. I didn't have much time for make up either so a dollop of mascara and red-tinted lip-gloss did the trick. I hope you've all had a productive Monday! Stay tuned for the rest of the posts this week, now that most of the public holidays are out of the way, I'll be back in full swing.