Casual Bump

So I've had a couple of fancy pregnancy outfits in my previous posts. But we all know that if ever there is a time when dressing up feels like a lot of effort, it's when you're pregnant and when sometimes just getting out of the car takes a lot of effort because you're dragging with you what feels like a bowling ball... A really cute bowling ball, but a bowling ball none-the-less.

So if you're having one of those days... Tights, comfy flats and a long, loose top is the only way to go. If you want to trend it up just a little - add a necklace, some sunnies and some lip gloss.

There's really nothing else to it. We deserve the casual, comfy days!

Top: Moogle (comment for contact details) - Tights: Rene Mariane - Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren - Handbag: Armani - Flat Pumps: Diesel

"Women who wear black live colourful lives." — Neiman Marcus