Cake and Candy Sale

So I did the mom thing late into the evening last night... 

Tesla had a cake and candy sale at school today for Valentine's day. It's my first child's first year of "school", first thing required to do as a parent so I decided to go all out on the effort. 

I put Tesla to bed and off I went on my baking-binge...

Tesla, however, was not feeling me on this and woke up possibly 20 times during my cupcake-making fiasco, pro-longing it evermore. 

I'm quite a good cook, baking on the other hand I don't do as often, just a few regular recipes. This was my absolute first time making cupcakes. So they're not as neat and pretty as I was hoping for but all in all not that bad either. 

I made two different flavours. My recipes were inspired from :

Champagne Rasberry Cupcakes

Red Velvet Cupcakes

No I did not use champagne, no they do not look like the cupcakes on the recipe.