The Coconut Oil Secret

Ok so it's not actually a "secret" ... Every girl at some time or another has heard that she should put coconut oil in her hair, but I only tried it 2 nights ago for the first time.

Coconut oil in the jar itself is hard so you have to melt it before applying it to your hair.
You can simply dish some out and warm it up in the microwave/stove or alternatively place a dish with boiling water at the bottom and your dish with coconut oil above it and it will melt.

I suggest you use the coconut oil over night unless you have a full day of staying at home planned. The longer you keep it on your hair the better. I have a cute little towel with a button that is made to stay on your head, but if you are not in possession of one of these put a decent sized towel over your pillow so that you don't get any oil onto it.

And when you wake up in the morning jump in the shower and give your hair a wash. Make sure to give yourself 2 shampoo rinses so that your hair does not stay looking oily. You very likely won't even need to use any conditioner after the coconut oil. But that is totally up to you, see how your hair feels after the shampooing.

I cannot even explain how amazing my hair feels. And I just last week had my hair stripped as I am on my journey back to being a blonde. Girls that have stripped their hair will tell you how horrible and dry your hair can feel after the stripping. Well, my hair couldn't be softer or easier to run my fingers through. And this is only after one night with coconut oil in my hair.

I will definitely be treating my hair with coconut oil at least once a week from now on. The results are literally outstanding.

Enjoy ladies, don't let damaged hair be a permanent condition.


I purchased pure coconut oil from Green Valley Life

“She was the most beautiful creature on Earth - her hair said so in that language only hair can speak.”
― Gabriel Bá