Pull Up Your Socks Part II

As per my radio interview on Luckie Entertainment, I mentioned that socks were my favourite item of clothing at the moment so I decided to make it a two-parter.

Pull Up Your Socks Part ONE featured short socks. For part two I went with long ones.

The long ones work better for winter. A skirt or dress is a good way to go with high socks. I opted for skorts (yes, this is the actual name for shorts with a piece of material in front that makes it look like a skirt).

To complete the look I wore a loose black blouse with lace detail on top and a waist belt. Due to the weather I added on a few extra layers; sheer stockings, a coat and a scarf.

And last but never the least - my shoes. I went with open-toe heels with a bow at the back.

But it's your choice when it comes down to the shoes. Closed-toes, ankle boots, wedges or even strappy sandals would do the trick. Pick the ones you like best.

Be bold. Let your socks define your outfit.

Coat & Skorts: Mango - Belt: Rene Mariane - Ring: Parfois - Socks: Foschini - Shoes: Castelo

"True love is like a pair of socks: you gotta have two and they've gotta match." - Erich Fromm