Pop of Colour

We all love our black dresses; they're simple, elegant and slimming.
But they can get a bit boring, especially when every other girl at a function is wearing a black dress too.

But there is a way to stand out among all the other black dresses, with just one accessory: SHOES!

Brightly coloured shoes that is.

Most women tend to wear black on black. So you will undoubtedly draw attention with a pair of red heels. But if red isn't the colour for you; yellow, orange or pink will be just as fabulous.

I took it just one step further, and besides choosing red for my feet, I also went with an ankle boot instead of a pump.

I love this look. And as you can see the shoes make enough of a statement I didn't even dress it up with any jewellery. Only a pair of sunglasses, but if you're wearing this in the evening, you'll be scrapping the shades.

Sunglasses: Bvlgari - Dress: Truworths - Ankle Boots: Socrati

"Bright colors draw attention, so attract eyes where you wish." - anonymous