Mini Skirt Season

My rule (most of the time, there are always exceptions to rules) is if you're going to wear something tight and revealing at the bottom don't do the same on top and vice versa.

So when I pick a micro-mini for the day, I pair it with a loose top or a t-shirt and I tuck it in - which of course is optional. Whatever you feel looks best.

Remember your legs are the focal point so make sure they are not dry and a little bit of a tan never hurt nobody.

And for the shoes... Nothing works quite as well with strappy gladiator sandals like mini skirts. Ankle straps can make your legs look shorter and slightly bigger than normal... the only time you would ever want this is if you are wearing something very short. The ankle straps make the mini look less revealing and less provocative. They give it a more casual la-di-da feel.

Have yourselves a micro-mini day and don't forget your confidence!


Sunglasses: Bvlgari - Blouse: Mango - Skirt: Stradivarius - Sandals: Aldo

“It's not revealing, it's informative.”
― Gemma Burgess