Magic Straightener

My lovely friend allowed me to use her hair as a demo for this post.
Her hair is beautiful, long, black, thick and curly so I felt that she was a much more suitable model for this piece than me.

I brought over my GLAMPALM A.K.A my magic straightener and we got to work or rather, I should say, play.

The reason I call it the magic straightener is that it has been proven to cause virtually NO damage to hair due to it's special ceramic coating. I know right??? Every girl's dream product.

I personally have had to cut all my hair off due to damage from heat styling so I truly feel I have found a gem here.

The GLAMPALM has other little "magic" features too such as a heat setting ranging from 100-200 degrees, the initial heat start-up feels basically instantaneous and it doesn't pull your hair like most straighteners do.

For this post I used it at 180 degrees. I also put no product on the hair prior to straightening or after. It took 30 minutes. On my shorter hair it takes me half the time.

See for yourself...

Straight, sexy, sleek and glossy as can be.


Hair Model: Karin Henn

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“People always ask me how long it takes to do my hair. I don’t know, I’m never there.”
― Dolly Parton