It's Not About What You Wear

Don't be fooled... Casual can look good too. There is no rule (at least not a true one) that you have to be over the top and glamorous to look and feel good.

I am assuming that when you're thinking casual and comfortable, you're thinking jeans and probably a t-shirt. So that's what I went for on my I just wanna be chilled out day.

It's actually a crop tee with a fab quote on it, but because of the weather I couldn't wear it cropped. I had to put a layer on underneath. Just a plain black vest. Faded jeans were my denim of choice and a white blazer.

Something as simple as a blazer pushes the outfit up a notch so if you have a more professional setting that you need to get to - your casual, comfy outfit still totally works.

And last but not least my studded flats. I absolutely love these. They just add that little bit of a fashion statement to your outfit and you still get to be comfortable and relaxed and not be in the excruciating pain we sometimes as ladies put ourselves through when we wear our super high heels.

Remember, as per my t-shirt, "Fashion is not what you wear, but more about who you are". You can be so over dressed and over done and if you don't feel comfortable it's going to show, it's what you feel on the inside that is portrayed on the outside. Being uncomfortable is not sexy, but feeling comfortable in your own skin - that's a kind of sexy that no outfit will ever be able to do for you.

So dress for yourself, not for anybody else and not like anybody else. The aim of my blog is to inspire your own inner sense of style and fashion and to break the fashion "rules" a bit so you can see there is no right or wrong, that two things you previously may have never thought about putting together you now feel that you can because like I said it's not about the clothes, it's about who you are, and it is who you are that will make the clothes a hit or a miss.

Believe me, when people sense your calmness, your comfort, your happiness, your clothes will be the last thing they notice.

I'm going to leave you with that thought for the weekend. Have a fabulous one!

Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren - Blazer: Rene Mariane - T-Shirt: United Colors of Benetton - Vest: Cotton On - Jeans: Zara - Shoes: Steve Madden

I love dressing up and I love going to events, but for everyday I wear leggings, t-shirts and boots. No make-up. I'd call my style casual, relaxed, simple. I like to be ready just as quickly as my boyfriend. That's not to say I don't appreciate fashion, but its not realistic to buy into that everyday.
- Lea Michele