2017. A Reflection.

Wow another beautiful roller coaster of a year has flashed right before my eyes. 

And another eventful one it has been!  

If I could sum up the year in one word it would be family and everything that comes with it ; the good, the bad and the ugly and the oh so so so wonderful. 

Sometimes I still can’t believe I’m a mom, never mind a mom of two. The highlight of my year, of course being, the birth of my second son, Gavriel.

And while it was so overwhelming to have two under two, it makes my heart so happy to see how well my Tesla filled the shoes of big brother.

It is a big transition to go from being the adored only child who has all of everyone’s attention to now sharing it with a new little person. But we overcame that hurdle and oh the smiles and laughs the two of them have, I cannot wait ‘til they are both running around together. I foresee a very strong friendship along with their brotherly bond. 

This year also highlighted another big part of my life. My marriage to my partner, my confidant, my lover, my friend and stepfather and father to my children. 

My Greek stallion and I had a civil ceremony before bub number two was born. All our big wedding celebration and everything that goes with that were put on hold because kids and parenting and breastfeeding and and.... they had to come first and life rarely coincides with your plans and that’s ok. And while we wouldn’t have it any other way, we also want a honeymoon that excludes kids haha.

After all these kids have put us through we deserve it! Hehe, they haven’t put us through that much but mommy and daddy definitely need their alone time since it is scarce to say the least. 

A piece of advice to other couples with kids (small kids particularly). Make time for each other. And yes you’ve heard and read that before but I don’t mean make sure you go on a date night once a week/month or whatever, I mean try do it everyday.

I remember having my birthday dinner with my husband in April and we planned how we’re going to make time for date nights and our parents will just have to be on baby sitting duty on those nights. But amidst these wonderful plans there’s life and work and babies who only want their mom when it’s bed time and so on and so on. 

So my advice is to do it everyday where you can, where it’s easiest for everyone. And while date nights are awesome they aren’t often enough and your relationship needs more than those special occasions.  

We have somehow managed to keep at this above all. Every night (obviously every now and then something like pure exhaustion gets in the way and you go to bed early but on most nights) after the kids have fallen asleep we sit outside (no tv or anything) and we have our chats. About everything, about life, future, all of it, not just day to to day stuff because same s*** different day; for me kids, kids, kids and for him work, work, work. 

And those few hours (yes we can talk for hours and while wonderful sometimes goes on too long and the next day I’m like why didn’t we go to bed earlier?!?!) alone together are my favourite. Particularly when it’s been a crazy, busy and most likely, messy day with the kids, the thought of that down time with my SO gets me through the day.

And don’t get me wrong, my kids are my world and I love them with every part of my being but we all need to switch off from parenting for a while and just be...  

Since I’m on my advice rant... Hubbies give your wife some time off, trust me she needs it! And NOT time off to go buy groceries but time to do whatever she wants and not what needs to be done, even if it’s just an hour or two. 

I am now going to end off this blog post to start preparing part of our New Year’s Eve dinner. We will be spending a quiet, romantic dinner at home alone (after the kids have gone to bed) and wait for 2018. 

2018 I am looking forward to all you have to bring!  

MOM.Fashioned wishes you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!