Although I was born in the beautiful city of Belgrade in Serbia, I have been living in South Africa since 1994 and consider myself both proudly Serbian and proudly South African.

I am above all a mommy to two beautiful little boys named Tesla and Gavriel and a wife to a know-it-all Greek whom I love with all my heart. In between that I am finishing my Honours in Psychology, I travel whenever I can and sometimes I do the model thing. 

My posts are little pieces of my life that range from motherhood and personal stories to fashion and travelling. 

On the parenting side of things I hope for us to relate by talking about the real stuff; the hardships and the frustrations along with all the cuddles and kisses. On the fashion side I hope my blog will inspire you and help you add a little bit of stylish edge to any occasion. I am a firm believer in believing in your outfit. If you feel good in it, you can pull it off. 

While I occasionally do some sponsored posts, please know that I would not recommend a brand or product I don't believe in or one that I would not be willing to spend my own money on. If you see a sponsored post, know that while the post is sponsored my opinion is not and the recommendation is genuine :)

Now let's tackle this parenting journey together, whatever it may throw at us and raise some kick ass kids and I hope you enjoy the posts as much as I love blogging and hearing your feedback.

P.S. I am most frequently active on INSTAGRAM so please follow me there to stay up to date.